Centrally Manage Your Inventory

The easiest way to manage your inventory across multiple stores and warehouses

  • Centrally manage your inventory
  • Sync with multiple storefronts
  • Manage bill of materials and kit items
  • Automatically create packing lists
  • Know when you're low on stock
  • Know your packing costs
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New Reporting System

We've just launched a new reporting system. Report on inventory, orders, profit, and more!


"We've been thrilled with Bizelo as a way to effectively manage our inventory."
-- Diego Orjuela, Cables and Sensors

Multi-Channel Syncing

Bizelo Announces Support for Quickbooks Integration with SoftCookies

YES! We now support integration of orders and inventory from Bizelo to Quickbooks through our Partnership with SoftCookies Here’s more information, courtesy of our partners Softcookies: Current features Quick Setup: One-time installation will get you going in no time Pull Inventory: Import Bizelo products into QuickBooks as Inventory Parts Push Inventory: Export Inventory Part and [...]

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Bizelo Now Integrates with Amazon! Step by step instructions

We are thrilled to announce that Bizelo now integrates with your Amazon Seller Central Merchant account! And adding an Amazon account is as easy as following these few steps: Send Bizelo a support ticket telling us you’d like us to enable your account for Amazon access by going to http://support.bizelo.com. Note that as of the [...]

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How to Integrate Bizelo with Volusion

We’re happy to announce our newest integration with Volusion.com, giving online sellers the power to sell online and manage their inventory seamlessly. It’s easy, and we show you all the details in the step by step tutorial below. What can be managed with Bizelo and Volusion? Volusion provides an API to automatically transfer/export order data [...]

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Centralized Inventory Management
Keep track of inventory quantities across multiple online and offline stores. Enter it once into the centralized inventory management system, and it will propagate to all of your connected e-commerce storefronts.
Simplified Product Pick & Pack
Optimized, automated packing lists make sure you include the right items from the right shelves in your packages without any waste.
Easy Shipment Tracking
Centralize shipment tracking so you can track it all in one place for all your storefronts and keep track of the shipping and packaging costs for zero-revenue items.
Inventory & Shipping Insight
It's just as important to know if you're making or losing money on shipping and packaging costs as it is on product costs.
Manage Your Supplies
Don't waste time or money due to last-minute packaging runs. Keep track of packaging supplies and costs.

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