Manage your Suppliers, Cost,
Purchase Orders, and Lead Times

Manage your Supply Chain and Improve your Profits

  • Manage multiple suppliers / vendors, with manufacturer SKUs
  • Track minimum order quantities and order threshholds
  • Configure order lead times and low quantity notifications
  • Create supplier purchase orders and track shipment times
  • Detailed profitability & cost reporting
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Supplier Reporting

Get a better handle on how your suppliers are performing and your overall profitability.

Under Control

"Working with lots of suppliers has been a struggle. With Bizelo's system I now have it under control."

From Stock to Dock

Manage the supply chain from the time you run low on stock to the time it arrives at your loading dock.

Manage Suppliers
Keep track of multiple suppliers and vendors. Match multiple manufacturer SKUs to your own SKUs. Track supplier contact information and purchase policies.
Track Restock Points and Minimum Order Quantities
Manage your supplier's reorder points, order lead times, minimum order quantities, and shipping costs. Get notified when stock runs low before it's too late.
Generate Purchase Orders
Place orders with your suppliers, and track your shipment times. Get detailed PO reporting history and lead time tracking.
Manage Supplier Costs
Generate reports on supplier cost comparisons, sales profitability, shipping and handling costs, overrrun or underrun shipments, and other supplier analyses.

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